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Abbotsford Contractors

Article provided by: masterpainting.ca

Abbotsford Contractors

For the best combination of price, quality, and efficiency, there are no other Abbotsford contractors who can compare to Master Painting and Renovations. Of course, we can't honestly promise you the lowest quote each time. The amount we quote you depends largely on the size and scope of your project. What we can promise is honest and upfront quoting. When you contact us for a no-obligation quote, we give you a comprehensive quote all at once.

We Give Comprehensive Quotes Upfront that We Stand on

Because we know how much people hate being hit with hidden fees, we made a decision in the early days of our business to stand on our quotes no matter what. This means that unless you change or add to your project, you will never pay a penny more than what our initial quote is. If for any reason the expenses exceed the amount we quote you, you will never know about it because we will pay for 100% of the additional expenses out of our own pockets. Does this mean that we give astronomical quotes up front so that we know we have enough money for the project no matter what? No.

Instead of doing that, we have a different approach. We take the time to meet our clients in-person and see the site that's going to be worked on. We sit down with the prospect and discuss all of the finite details of their project. We get a complete sense of what it is that they have in mind. This involves the structure, the design, the decor, appliances (if applicable), paint, materials, and everything else. This is where our 20 years of experience comes into play.

How We Give Accurate Quotes Quickly

Having been one of the best Abbotsford contractors since 1998, you can rest assured that Master Painting and Renovations has plenty of experiences to draw on. We have the better part of 10,000 painting and renovation jobs to show for. To say that we've grown or learned a thing or two in this time period would be a gross understatement. We have so much experience, that we can usually walk onto a job site and give a very accurate ballpark estimate. When we sit down face-to-face with a prospective client and get a strong sense of what they want to accomplish, we're able to give spot-on quotes immediately.

What We Will Do for Your

As your contractor, we will be your point of contact throughout your renovation project. We will work with all the trades and help you find the best companies and materials that give you the best bang for your buck. One of the things that Master Painting and Renovations is best known for is finishing on time and within budget. We will work with the budget you set forth. However, we always recommend that when it comes to painting and home renovations that clients don't go cheap! Once your renovation is complete, you will have to live with it for years to come, and you will positively regret the day you decided to go cheap! As you research Abbotsford contractors, consider Master Painting and Renovations.